You want to reach the top but you feel you’re falling short of success. We support your search for reasons and solutions. We provide you with insights into yourself and help you create ways to better understand the world of top-level sport and be able to cope with its demands. Together, we analyse how you can remove obstacles. How can you focus more on what you can do and your potential? Together, we will discover the answers. The world of sport is an extremely complex and often stressful one, and you need to work assertively in this world to conquer your place and achieve results. You possess the keys to your own development. TICkA Sport helps you look for these keys to success through a process giving you insight into yourself and into the world where you want to perform, regardless of your sport. And you will discover that developing yourself – and achieving results through your talents – is enjoyable!


Athletes never work alone. The elite – the serial winners – live in an expert environment managed by their coach. Those coaches look for a professional contribution in a team context, and the athlete is central to that team. Consequently, working together with experts who have the same team vision is extremely important in your development as an athlete and as a coach. Sharing knowledge of yourself with others, and in particular being able to acquire knowledge of others, is crucial. TICkA collaborates with many top-level teams to clearly highlight the talents of athletes and coaches, helping them learn from each other and thus maximise the potential of the team and achieve results.
Your team is an important factor in achieving results, and yet you cannot deliver performance that meets your potential everywhere. Football players have the most mediatised profiles in the world, and yet how many of their careers perish because of wrong club or other choices? Helping you analyse yourself and where you thrive best is one of our top priorities


You can learn to coach as a leader. Self-knowledge and knowledge of team members helps you as a leader/coach lead your team in the right way. In this area, our motto is “stop management and start effective coaching”. Situational and customised coaching will save you time so you can efficiently achieve your dreams and the results you need. Your athletes will remain motivated by your approach and the effect you have on them, helping them to perform optimally.

Coaches sometimes say that there isn’t enough time. And coaches are often held responsible for the absence of results. Yet coaching is a profession that you can learn, even though it takes a lot of time, and especially “human time”. Developing other people is often viewed as a technical issue. But in every technical issue, even at the top, the foundation is the start selling the technical approach. The urge for perfection is undoubtedly every athlete’s primary concern, but unless as a coach you respect the athlete, you will never be able to help the athlete achieve such perfection.


Can you clearly describe the culture within your team, club or federation? Do you know which values and norms are propagated there or that you are trying to propagate? Because culture conveys the success of everyone involved in a team, club, federation etc. It consists of the shared values and norms that also form the basis for motivating all those performing within your sport. Culture must be understood and supported by everyone involved, as it exists for and through them, providing visible added value. Your culture needs to be a consciously chosen set of values and norms that can be translated into everything your team wants to realise. It must be possible for people to talk to each other about your culture. TICkA Sport are experts at guiding clients in the process of installing or fine-tuning a new or existing culture.
A strong culture is the basis of all success. Teams themselves, and the teams around athletes/players, can achieve greater results if they know what they represent. Because team culture is how you really do what you do, every day and with everyone. That culture must be shared by all of you, so onboarding is a fundamental success criterion.

This has led to enormous repercussions for me in terms of mindset. Thank you so much for this groundbreaking learning experience. Because of you I’m now looking at top sport in a different way!

— Fernando Oliva – Flemish athletics league.