Perhaps you work in an organisation and you’ve noticed you don’t always succeed in getting your message across. If so, gaining greater insight into your own personal communication style will make you stronger in your interactions with other people and enable you to analyse what works and what is holding you back. Or perhaps you sometimes feel you daren’t give your opinion to your boss or colleagues? A good overview of your personality and your behaviour will give you the right tools to boost your development. Or do you have someone in your team you would like to help become more articulate so you can include their ideas in team discussions? Development always starts with you, the individual. And self-knowledge is the basis of solid development. You play the leading role, because you have the key to personal success within you.


Do you have a team that’s working to the required standards, but you’re sure you could get something more out of all these individual talents and achieve an even better result together? It is crucial to motivate every individual member for the team to work optimally. An individual who knows himself or herself and is able to make full use of their talents in the team will make a bigger contribution to the team’s results. Trust is the basis of good teamwork. Open communication and productive disagreement are only possible if the team is permeated by trust. Then the members can move on to fulfilling clearly framed agreements and expectations. And if sufficient constructive feedback can be given, this will further improve results. TICkA can work with more than just the individuals in the team through workshops or team coaching. Because one plus one always equals more than two when it comes to teamwork.


As a leader, are you sometimes confronted with inadequate results? Or do you sometimes think that you don’t have enough time to be properly involved with your people? That leadership takes up a considerable amount of your working day and that you simply don’t always have the time?
Leading means investing in others. Ensuring that you make others better and have enabled them to develop reduces your time investment on a daily basis. Leading means looking at the situation and clearly communicating to whoever needs to perform in this situation. Through workshops and coaching, TICkA can help to make you stronger as a leader, providing you with tools you can use every day in your job.


Can you clearly describe the culture within your organisation? Do you know which values and norms are conveyed by your employees? Corporate culture is immensely important for any organisation. A company’s shared values and norms form the basis for employee motivation. The corporate culture must be understood and supported by all employees, as it exists for and through them. An organisation’s culture must be a consciously chosen set of values and norms that can be translated into each employee’s individual role. TICkA can guide you in the process of refining an existing corporate culture, adjusting it if necessary and ensuring that it translates into concrete actions and behaviours that apply to everyone in the organisation.

A very interesting coaching process with innovative insights and a lot of tools to help us start working towards a balanced understanding in the workplace. You’re a wonderful team and a perfect example of how different characters, genders, ages and diverse personalities can achieve great results together!