TICkA Digital

The passion, enthusiasm and impact you are used to delivered virtually.

In challenging times like these, it’s important to keep learning and growing so we can address what the future will bring. As we look forward, our commitment to supporting you is our number one priority.

Discover our digital learning journeys. 

The entire world is learning and working online. Most of the people aren’t used to collaborate virtually. This is a critical time for talent development in organizations. At TICkA we see these new times as an opportunity for growth, success and sustainable results. We worked hard on all our digital sessions to make them as good as our offline ones. They are highly interactive and personal.

Upskill and reskill with the below learning offers or let us know how we can support the growth and development of your organization, your team and yourself.

Develop Me – Managing change and taking care of myself

Development always starts with yourself. How do you increase your self-understanding and discover your strengths and pitfalls? How do you learn to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow in a constructive way?

Develop Us – Virtual collaboration

One plus one is more than two in a team. But what if that team suddenly has to work together in a different way. What if there is no trust or a lack of open communication that puts pressure on the cooperation?

Develop Others – Virtually leading with impact

Leadership is investing in others. How do you make others better and let them develop? How do you increase your impact during challenging situations and how do you inspire your team in a positive way?

Develop Culture – Using your culture into the new reality

An organizational culture is supported by all employees. How do you translate this culture and its values ​​into concrete actions and behaviors that apply to everyone, in a greatly changed situation and way of working together? How do you ensure that employees remain connected through your organizational culture?