Overcoming Cultural Differences Following a Merger

Safeguarding your company culture is crucial. It shapes your identity, your values, and influences how you operate. What values do you uphold, and what matters to you? This forms the core of your business, resonating with both present and future employees who adapt their actions to these values.

Bedrijfscultuur op één lijn na een overname of fusie

How do we synchronize our company culture post-acquisition?

In recent years, this organization has seen significant growth, partly from internal expansion and largely through various acquisitions in the industry.

The consequence? The formation of new teams comprising individuals accustomed to different corporate cultures and work ethics. This can sometimes create a paralyzing effect, resulting in unavoidable frustrations.

To proactively address this, the organization has partnered with TICkA. The challenge at hand: How do we align our corporate DNA?


Embarking on a Corporate Culture Journey: From Initial Assessment to a Concrete Action Plan

We lead the company on an enlightening journey of cultural transformation.

  1. Step 1: Assessment through evidence-based tools, interviews, and group discussions. Identifying the unique strengths of each department’s cultural DNA.
  2. Step 2: Determining our future values. It’s all about capturing the right spirit.
  3. Step 3: Developing an Action Plan: How do we embed these cultural values in our daily operations? Every team member personalizes this in their own role.


Outcome: A unified company culture, rich with shared values and norms, guiding us towards the future.

Both challenges and strengths are openly acknowledged, fostering a values-based ethos that permeates the entire organization. This becomes particularly impactful as every team and individual applies these principles to their unique circumstances.