Guided Growth: Stories of Measurable Impact

Our clientele is diverse, spanning private and public sectors, the business and sports worlds, and realms of production and service, at any stage of their growth journey.

They approach us as individuals, teams, or organizations. There’s a powerful commonality among them: a drive to excel. They are open to fresh perspectives and eagerly channel energy into a TICkA growth program, knowing the benefits will be more than worth the investment.

Each TICkA growth journey is tailored to a unique situation. What does yours look like?

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“A lasting lesson from my time with TICkA is: Don’t waste energy on the unchangeable.

It’s a principle I frequently remind myself of, and it’s guidance I pass on to my family too.

Frank De Bleeckere, Former Elite Referee


“To us, TICkA epitomizes exceptional trainers who consistently deliver inspiring, high-quality, and innovative content. They engage thoughtfully with us to provide genuinely customized solutions.”

Katrin Naert, Director of Personnel and HRM, Flemish Community Commission

Ilse Driesen, Learning & Development Manager, Flemish Community Commission

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“At Vesta, we regularly engage TICkA’s expert team for their assessments, workshops, and personalized coaching sessions. Their workshops are approachable and immensely appreciated by our staff.

The personalized coaching not only advances the individual employee but also plays a significant role in the team’s overall growth.”

Myriam Pieters, HR Director, Vesta

Fully harnessing talent?

That’s my commitment.

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