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Success without the stress

Are you driven by ambition? Strive for achievement, job satisfaction, and a better quality of life.

TICkA is here to support you, your team, or your organization in harnessing your growth potential, drawing from individual talents and collective strengths.

Success is not a static destination but a vibrant journey. TICkA is your partner in this adventure, providing the tools, inspiration, and encouragement you need to take the helm. With a deep understanding of yourself and confidence in your abilities, you’ll set your sights on the results you want.

And the outcome? You’ll find yourself invigorated with energy. Plus, you can count on this: your newfound positivity will naturally enhance the well-being of not just you but also your team, your organisation, or your federation—impacting the world of business or competitive sports, today and into the future.


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The TICkA Method

Tailored Growth Journeys

  1. A Clear Path from A to B: laser-focused clarity
  2. Harnessing Strengths and Talents to Build Momentum
  3. Embracing Growth as a Dynamic Journey
  4. Staying on the Pulse: Maintaining Engagement
  5. Prioritizing Impact, Job Satisfaction, and Well-being: Putting People First

Explore our distinctive approach


  • Are you driven by ambition? You’re always looking to learn, discover, and extend your horizons.
  • Pursuing personal growth? Embrace resilience and self-awareness on your journey.
  • As part of a team, you strive for superior results and greater job satisfaction.
  • As a leader, your goal is to evolve while helping others to thrive.
  • Looking ahead with your organisation, you aim to be future-proof.

Do you recognize yourself?

It’s time for action



Nora Vaes

+32 477 572 083

My driving force is turning growth into action.


Our team


“TICkA evolves alongside my business, my team, and myself as a leader. No cookie-cutter solutions here. Instead, what we get is tailor-made and pragmaticguidance that helps us improve as a company, a team, and as individuals. TICkA is a key factor in our success.”

Kirsten Carlier, CEO of DHL Aviation


Our clientele is diverse, spanning private and public sectors, the business and sports worlds, and realms of production and service, at any stage of their growth journey.

Each TICkA growth journey is tailored to a unique situation. What does yours look like?

Our cases

Het dynamische TICkA team


The dynamic TICkA team is our greatest asset

“The dynamic TICkA team is our greatest asset. Each member is a dedicated professional, fully committed to their work. They enthusiastically share a treasure trove of experience and in-depth expertise. When needed, they adeptly employ just the right tools, offering you profound insights into both your personal journey and your organisation’s dynamics.

Our collective goal? To elevate your performance to extraordinary heights, all within an uplifting and positive environment. That’s the TICkA hallmark.

Pleased to meet you.”, Valerie

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