At TICkA, customers come first. We strive to achieve long-term partnerships, where dialogue is always in focus. And of course the needs of the customer are central to our results-oriented approach. In our customer contacts, we strive to make our own values visible. Professionalism is expressed in a professional collaboration. Everything starts from the first contact and TICkA’s values permeate the entire process. We are active in various sectors (public, private, sport etc.); wherever people need to get results, we are there to support them.
Planet Talent


Imagine you are a sales representative who has been successful for years. You visit GPs and build relationships. You know your product like nobody else. You reach your targets and you are proud of your achievements.
But you also know that the market is constantly evolving, that change never stops, and that what made you successful in the past won’t necessarily help you in the future.
To remain successful, you will have to accentuate other behaviours, and perhaps even behaviours that you don’t yet master. This process requires courage, and, in particular, a growth mindset. Because you must first be open to a thorough analysis of the behaviour that you show today when you’re out visiting your GP clients. Which behaviours should you retain, and which can you add?
Fortunately, you can get support from TICkA consultants who, without judging, will help you to learn. Not through yet another sales course, but by asking relevant questions, by allowing you to learn from your colleagues and by supporting your manager in their coaching skills. The TICkA consultant helps you to become more efficient, step by step, making you ready to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.


“Times change, and so our way of working and working together needs to change as well.” This was the challenge presented to TICkA by a large public service organisation.
Change is simple on paper. In reality, the TICkA process approach was the key to results. This was a process that made time to inform people, involve them and have them experience and see the reason for the change.
An extensive and intense exploration of the existing situation and the needs of leaders and employees (almost 1000 people) was the basis for determining the foundations of the desired future culture.
All stakeholders were involved. TICkA worked with ambassadors, focus groups, steering groups and project groups, and made use of a strong, 360° questionnaire (Leadership Effectiveness Analysis) to objectify the process and determine future leadership behaviours – all to make the organisation future-proof in a rapidly changing environment.


More than ten years ago, Jacques Borlée asked me – Jef Brouwers – to join his team. It is an honour to be invited to work with the ’Borlée Family’ and the Belgian Tornados. Working with such a leader/coach has made all of us involved so much richer than when I started as a member of Jacques’ team. I became and remain very aware that there is a continuous focus on doing the right things. The importance of a strong and decisive leader became obvious. Jacques shows that character is the primary competence required for any athlete to succeed. He puts the athlete in the centre of attention, where they are surrounded by creative, innovative and results oriented specialists.
The way that Jacques brings these specialists together is the foundation for the great successes they achieve together. His sons – recently 4 of them ran a 4×400 winning race in San Diego (12 April 2019) – had to deal with their father and their coach. Not an easy task on either side! And other athletes had to deal with the sons and the coach/father: a challenging situation that requires enormous positive energy. Since the start of the Belgian Tornados, 19 athletes have been added to the Borlée family. Together, they have won about 40 medals in international competitions, including European titles. Athletes who might never have won a medal can show their pride in the relays they ran with the Borlées. Working with Jacques and the Borlées and other Tornados is an enriching experience for me, and for TICkA as a whole.