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We make people and organisations ready for the challenges of today and the future. We boost performance by fully realising human capital. At TICkA, we also adopt a process driven and positive approach to everything we do. By setting up the right mindset, we help you reach your full potential. We want to have an impact on and add value to your life so you can be successful in creating sustainable results for yourself, your team and your organisation. We provide tailored coaching and consultancy and install a high-performance culture and excellence in learning. We guide your future success by helping you to put people first.
We look forward to getting in touch to tick your talent.

“What a great learning experience! Fresh, open, very interactive and enthusiastic with a lot of know-how. TICkA creates eye openers and uses exercises with direct links to practical examples from our reality.”


It all starts with knowing yourself. TICkA provides you with the mirror and helps you look in it to get a clear view of your talents and the potential to be explored. Developing through strengths has been proven to be more efficient and long lasting – and above all much more fun!


Working in isolation from those around you is no longer a possibility. Modern society encourages co-creation, teamwork and ownership in teams. So it’s very important to be able to work together. Sharing self-knowledge with your team can enhance trust and collaboration. And knowing other team members well contributes even more to achieving team results. TICkA facilitates teamwork by putting talent in the spotlight, promoting peer-to-peer coaching and boosting the team’s potential.


Leadership is a skill you can learn. Knowledge both of yourself and of your team members makes you a more effective team leader. Situational and tailor-made leadership will save you time and help you obtain the desired results more efficiently, and above all will help your team members to stay motivated, boosting their performance.


A company’s culture is its most important asset. It consists of a common set of values and approaches that positively affect the organisation’s efficiency. The company culture boosts motivation, and therefore has a direct effect on the bottom line. Being aware of and making changes to this culture are conscious processes that should involve all of the company’s employees. TICkA will guide the process, every step of the way, to achieve the desired culture.


We use the best known and most trusted and scientific tools on the market to support your development. Our toolbox provides you with a constructive framework that can be applied to all areas of personal, team and leadership development, helping you unlock unparalleled growth and development.